Corporate Profile and Certifications

Creythone has been operating since February 1989, first as Creythone Engineering and Industrial Services (UEN: 40623300D) and subsequently as Creythone Pte. Ltd. (UEN: 201931880E). Our certified vibration analysts have years of experience in multiple long-term condition-based monitoring / maintenance programmes, repair and overhaul of rotating equipment, as well as innumerable instances of precision alignment and balancing.

Our certifications include:
– Certified Airborne Ultrasound Level 1 (ASNT-TC-1A);
– Certified Vibration Analyst Category II (ISO 18436-2);
– Certified Vibration Analyst Category III (ISO 18436-2);
– Monitor Noise and Vibration (WSQ);
– Laser Shaft Alignment (Mobius Institute);
– bizSAFE Level 3; and
– Apply Workplace Safety and Health in Process Plant (WSQ).

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Creythone Pte. Ltd. is a strong proponent of the importance of workplace safety and health, and has attained bizSAFE Level 3.