In situ fan balancing

Imbalance results in additional forces being generated, which in turn puts stress on bearings and seals, exacerbates looseness problems, and could possibly even excite resonances.

Precision balancing is even more important when dealing with high-speed machines, given that the forces generated by imbalance are significantly increased at higher speeds; in fact, the forces are proportional to the speed squared (force = imbalance mass x distance/radius from geometric centreline x speed2).

Accordingly, precision balancing of rotating machinery is a crucial part of any reliability / maintenance programme. Precision balanced machines are far more likely to run more smoothly and without incidents / faults for a longer time.

We have the necessary expertise and equipment to carry out precision balancing of fans in situ (i.e. on site, without having to remove the fans and transport them to a balancing machine).

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